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Top 10 Reasons Legal Professionals Value Bloomberg Law News

Bloomberg Law News is a top reason users purchase and value a Bloomberg Law subscription according to our latest customer satisfaction survey.

Find out what our customers are saying about the value of Bloomberg Law News to our complete research solution.

1. Fast: Get the News First

Stories posted within minutes – competitors take hours, even days, to report the same developments. Breaking news alerts and attention to multiple angles means you are in the know, fast.

The daily emails I receive from Bloomberg Law keep me abreast of the latest developments in important cases and in legislative changes. I am more informed about these developments than most of my colleagues.
Am Law 100

2. Trusted: The Best Talent in Legal Journalism

Bloomberg Law has reporters, editors, legal analysts, an investigations team, data analysts, a graphics team, podcasts & video studio, and a social media team. Our award-winning journalists come to us from Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, and many have practiced law or worked in the fields they cover. It’s the best talent in legal journalism working on industry-leading titles like U.S. Law Week, Daily Labor Report, Daily Tax Report and more.

The reporting staff at Bloomberg Law is top-notch. The individuals who cover developments in labor and employment law do so on a regular, consistent basis, so they know what they’re talking about.
Cozen O'Connor

3. Relevant: No Noise

No stories on ordinary motions or other non-news. Our reporters & editors know the difference. Focus on what really matters and save time.

I was able to get daily updates on what was impacting businesses during the pandemic in the daily Coronavirus Legal News. I learned about what was going on in the practice of law through reading the Weekend (in Brief) and I was able to do a deeper dive on topics that were more complicated.
Senior Counsel
Bond Schoeneck & King
I rely heavily on the news from the Bloomberg Terminal. If I need to search for a company or a person, then I search those specific fields in the search template, which is really the strength of a Bloomberg news search. I set up news alerts regularly, which is an invaluable feature.
Knowledge Management Staff Attorney
Sheppard Mullin

4. Complete: Three Trusted News Streams

In addition to our home-grown news, Bloomberg Law also provides access to business and industry news from the Terminal, including 75,000+ sources. You can also access trusted titles from ALM, like The Corporate Counsel and The American Lawyer, as well as the state-focused developments from titles like the Texas Lawyer and New York Law Journal. With the ability to set custom alerts, you won’t miss anything.

5. Fresh Voices: Insights & Columnists

Bloomberg Law News Practitioner Insights is where attorneys at the top of their game share their views, experience and opinions, or provide guidance on tough issues that you face in practice every day. Columnists like Roy Strom, Vivia Chen, and Rob Chesnut write must-read content that everyone is talking about.

Bloomberg Law draws together the analysis and insight from lawyers across the country, so I know when I’m reading about a national labor relations board update that I’m hearing from the sharpest minds in the field.
Cozen O'Connor
Bloomberg Law’s daily Business & Practice news updates via email keep me up-to-date on developments in the legal world in ways that other services have not. I frequently share articles and find the writing and analysis to be accurate and insightful, not plagued by hyperbole and clickbait titles such as some competitors tend to use.
Am Law 200

6. Business & Practice: Dive Deep on the Business of Law

Go beyond the latest lateral moves to the trends and forces driving the changing legal marketplace.

7. Reach Your Audience: Put Your Name Where Your Clients Will See It

Where do your prospects & clients start their legal research? Google, maybe? Bloomberg Law News gets millions of Google hits per month, has 100s of 1000s of social media followers (substantially more than other legal news providers) and appears on the Terminal, Apple News, Flipboard and more. Write an Insights article for us—they are always outside the paywall. Talk to our reporters. Be where the clients are.

I rely on Bloomberg Law news to keep up-to-date on the latest news of importance to my work.
Evergreen Family Friendship Service

8. Industry Edge: Know Your Clients

Know more than the latest case law. Leverage business news from the Bloomberg Terminal to understand your clients’ needs, risks, and worries.

9. Integration: One platform, One price

No upcharges or additional usernames & passwords to transition from news to research. Link directly to primary sources, Portfolios, Bill Summaries, Dockets, In Focus pages, company data, and related content.

The Bloomberg Law News provides timely news with links to the case and/or case law, which can save 15+ minutes tracking down the source documents.
Am Law 100

10. Commitment To DE&I: Telling the WHOLE Story

We are committed to incorporating diverse viewpoints and telling stories that matter from all angles.

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