Why Bloomberg Law?

Top 10 Reasons Law Firms Use Our Platform

Bloomberg Law combines the latest in legal technology with workflow tools, comprehensive primary and secondary sources, trusted news, expert analysis, and business intelligence to help improve attorney productivity and efficiency.

Based on our latest customer satisfaction survey, here are the Top 10 Reasons to consider adding Bloomberg Law to your practice.

1. All-Inclusive Coverage at a Firm, Fixed Price

Our single platform means you’ll never have out-of-plan charges or multiple log-ins — just unmetered access to everything Bloomberg Law has to offer.

Bloomberg Law is free to search, that is, everything is prepaid. I don’t worry about transactional research costs.
Evelyn Tan
Knowledge Management Staff Attorney
Sheppard Mullin
It has the most comprehensive content for my work, and the flat, all-inclusive pricing means I can use tools occasionally that I would not otherwise use without incurring additional expense.
Practice Area Leader
Small Law

2. Bloomberg Law Dockets

Our market-leading dockets product includes more than 1,200 state courts and complete federal courts coverage. Easily monitor new filings and never miss critical updates with alerts delivered right to your inbox. AI-powered Docket Key search functionality eliminates the time and challenges it takes to find exemplar forms like briefs and complaints in federal district civil court (20 filing types in all).

The docket search and ability to easily locate case documents without a per document charge makes it easier and more efficient to find more sources for briefs.
Large Law

3. News

Bloomberg Law News covers the legal and business landscape with more than 40 news channels that can be customized to your needs. News coverage also includes ALM Media News brands such as The American Lawyer and New York Law Journal, and access to 75,000 news sources from the Bloomberg Terminal, with alerting functionality.

The daily emails I receive from Bloomberg Law keep me abreast of the latest developments in important cases and legislative changes. I am more informed about these developments than most of my colleagues.
Am Law 100

Become a contributor.

Bloomberg Law offers a variety of writing opportunities to legal professionals.

4. Practical Guidance

Step-by-step Practical Guidance — more than 7,000 documents of coverage — combines our legal expertise with how-to procedural guidance so your team can manage assignments productively and confidently.

Bloomberg Law provides Practical Guidance that helps me know what’s market for areas of the law that I do not practice frequently.
Am Law 200

5. Case Law Research

Bloomberg Law offers more than 14 million state and federal court opinions with BCite, our proprietary citator, and Smart Code, a virtual annotated code for state and federal codes, rules, and regulations with a strength-of-discussion indicator. Award-winning Points of Law, an AI-powered tool, identifies legal principles, standards, and elements in our database of court opinions to help you identify the most relevant cases for specific legal topics.

I've found the Points of Law to be a very useful addition to my research. If I can find a Point that's useful in a case, it often points me to additional useful supplementary case law that I wouldn't have otherwise found.
Senior Associate
Large Law

6. Ease of Use

Our customers cite the ease of finding the information they need as a hallmark of a Bloomberg Law subscription.

I love the amount of information that is available and the ease of use. All of the information is interconnected, which makes it easy to move among sources and use all of the resources efficiently and effectively. The interface is very clean.
Am Law 200
The search bar query is very effective. After a few searches I was able to find information that was directly on point to my issue.
Am Law 200

7. Practice Area Coverage

Intuitively organized practice area coverage in 14 practice centers provides everything your practice needs from primary sources to dockets, news, treatises, practice tools, and Practical Guidance. Similarly, our intelligence centers for Business, Litigation, and Transactional offer organizational efficiency and exceptional content such as:

  • Bloomberg’s renowned business and financial information (Business Intelligence Center)
  • Precedent Search Database with more than 2 million negotiated documents (Transactional Intelligence Center)
  • State Resources Pages (Litigation Intelligence Center)
Bloomberg Law's Litigation Intelligence Center has everything I need for my daily litigation tasks: docket search and access; opinion search; law and regulation search. The added value features are Smart Code to quickly find court decisions interpreting a particular regulation/statutory provision and Points of Law search.
Am Law 200

8. Legal Tech Tools

Bloomberg Law’s AI-powered tools are changing the cadence of legal research:

  • Award-winning Brief Analyzer eliminates steps in traditional brief analysis
  • Draft Analyzer helps ensure that contract language is market standard
  • Litigation Analytics provides competitive intelligence on attorneys, law firms, courts, judges, and companies to help you plan litigation strategy
I have had great success utilizing the litigation analytics features to research opposing counsel, law firms, and judges. In particular, the features allow me to determine the experience of opposing counsel in certain areas.
Am Law 200
Draft Analyzer harnessed the power and resources available through Bloomberg Law and puts them all into one screen centered around the actual transaction document you are working on. It is easy to navigate and access helpful material to assist in the review and drafting process.
Am Law 200

9. State Law Research

Bloomberg Law offers time-saving practitioner tools such as:

  • State Chart Builders, analyzing thousands of topical issues across multiple jurisdictions
  • Legislative and regulatory Trackers with alerting and filtering functionality, keeping you ahead of the latest changes affecting key practice areas

In addition, Bloomberg Law continues to add to its state dockets coverage – more than 1,200 courts – and AI-powered research tools such as Points of Law and Smart Code accelerate state caselaw research.

There is nothing in the market that parallels Bloomberg Law's Chart Builder … it reduces research time by incredible quantities.
Large Law

10. Secondary Content

Bloomberg Law Portfolios, available only on Bloomberg Law, bring a tradition of excellence to our offering of secondary content, joining nearly 600 books and treatises in our reference library conveniently organized by practice area.

The books and treatises available are a comprehensive online library of resource materials.
Small Law

Experience the value of Bloomberg Law for yourself.