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With Bloomberg Law’s exclusive Statutes of Limitations tool, you’ll save time by surfacing only the correct statutes of limitation by state. And with all state court rules, statutes, court opinions, dockets, ethics resources, and more in one central location, you’ll move quickly from research to strategy.


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Bloomberg Law is here to help you know when the clock will run out. Use our Statutes of Limitations tool to cut down your research time and find the right statute every time.

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Let’s say you need to find the applicable New York statute of limitations for a particular cause of action. Once you define the underlying issue, such as the statute of limitations for medical malpractice or fraud, you’re ready to use the tool to narrow down the search field and help you find the information you need in a fraction of the time.


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Start your search at the state’s table of contents, then use our tool to dig deeper. Select “New York” on the State Statutes of Limitations page, add “medical AND malpractice” to the end of the search string, and you’ll narrow your results from hundreds to a manageable 10 in seconds.

The tool in action: New York statutes of limitations

Once you pare down the search field, you’ll find the specific statutes you need, such as the examples below, in a fraction of the time.

New York Consolidated Laws, N.Y. CPLR § 214

Read about the statutes of limitations for Civil Practice Laws and Rules – CPLR 214, CPLR 214-C, and CPLR 214-A – and prepare to make your best case.

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Discover how the Statutes of Limitations tool will cut your research time and direct you to the right statute every time.