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Where Are We Now? Revealing the Latest Trends in Legal Marketing and Business Development

In this 2018 joint survey from the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and Bloomberg Law, we look at whether law firms are investing in marketing, shifts in marketer roles and responsibilities, their relationships with attorneys, and the increasing role of technology in marketing and business development. We take a pulse on the current state and analyze trends since our 2016 survey.

With responses from 190 marketers and 135 attorneys, the results highlight where their perspectives align and where they differ. Overall, it’s clear that the pace of investment in marketing/business development and emphasis on these functions at firms of all sizes does not seem to be slowing down. And this knowledgeable group of professionals continue to gain traction, voice, and influence.

Key findings include:

  • Statistics on firms’ continued investment in marketing and business development
  • How much attorneys rely on business development professionals to complete marketing, business development, and competitive intelligence tasks
  • The state of the relationship between attorneys and marketers at their firms
  • The perceived ROI for different marketing and business development activities
  • The role of technology in supporting marketing and business development efforts

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