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The top 150 companies in Silicon Valley

In partnership with Fenwick and for the second year in a row, Bloomberg Law presents The 2020 Top 150 Silicon Valley Companies. In this special report, we explore the companies – including those that have made the list for the first time – and the social and economic trends propelling their success.

Access your complimentary copy to explore the rankings and a detailed analysis of current Silicon Valley trends, including:

  • The 150 largest public tech and life sciences companies by 2019 revenue
  • Zoom, Cloudfare, and other new entrants’ stock market trends and factors influencing their success
  • Post-pandemic analysis of the need for technology to meet the changing environment created by Covid-19 and the subsequent global health crisis
  • Discussion of a new type of health care investor coined the “biotech tourist” and impacts on vaccine development and investment
  • Review of cloud-based businesses and their rise to the top to meet the unique demands of virtual interaction

Bloomberg Law. Tracking tech in the age of a pandemic.

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