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The top 150 public companies in Silicon Valley

In partnership with Fenwick, Bloomberg Law presents The 2021 Top 150 Silicon Valley Companies. In this third annual edition of this special report, we explore the public companies — including 18 that have made the list for the first time — and the social and economic trends propelling their success.

Access your complimentary copy to explore the rankings and a detailed analysis of the latest Silicon Valley shifts, including:

  • The 150 largest public tech and life sciences companies by 2020 revenue
  • Opendoor, Airbnb, and other new entrants’ stock market trends and factors influencing their success
  • The unprecedented increase of M&A and investing activity and what it means for the post-pandemic economy
  • How special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have become the leading IPO type
  • Why cloud-based and cybersecurity businesses continue to dominate the tech industry

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