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The Essential General Counsel Toolkit

To stay competitive in the current landscape, businesses are pushing to expand their purpose and goals beyond the singular goal of shareholder returns. As these goals expand, so does the role of in-house counsel, adding complexity to everyday legal and compliance tasks — which already involve dealing with the pandemic, supply chain weaknesses, and constantly changing privacy issues.

To help your legal department tackle these novel challenges more efficiently, we’ve assembled The Essential General Counsel Toolkit — a comprehensive collection of expert-drafted Practical Guidance, featuring thorough overviews, how-to guidance, checklists, and annotated sample forms and agreements. Download the toolkit for detailed guidance on topics like:

  • Environmental, social, and governance concerns
  • Supply chain resilience and reshoring
  • Cybersecurity risk
  • Covid-19 litigation
  • Staff development and wellbeing
  • CCPA and CPRA
  • Restructuring
  • External counsel interactions

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