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The Essential General Counsel Toolkit:

Guidance and tools for your in-house legal department

In the last two years corporate legal departments have faced unprecedented operational challenges as they grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, economic volatility, supply chain vulnerabilities, social and political upheaval, and the rapidly evolving privacy landscape.

In 2022, GCs are still dealing with many of those issues, while trying to address emerging challenges to their departments, like developing strategies for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues, dealing with the so-called “Great Resignation”, and managing costs in an inflationary environment – to name a few.

To help legal departments tackle these novel challenges more efficiently, we’ve assembled The Essential General Counsel Toolkit — a comprehensive collection of expert-drafted Practical Guidance, featuring thorough overviews, how-to guidance, checklists, and annotated sample forms and agreements.

The toolkit is just a small sampling of the thousands of Practical Guidance documents available to in-house counsel subscribers on Bloomberg Law, including:

  • Overview – ESG & Corporate Strategy Integration
  • Form – Sustainability Policy (Annotated)
  • Sample Policy – Paid Sick Leave (Annotated)
  • Checklist – Developing Reasonable Accommodations for Religious Observances & Practices Policies (Annotated)
  • Checklist – Key Data Security Questions When Reviewing Vendor Contracts (Annotated)
  • Overview – Drafting Privacy Policies
  • Sample Clause – Pro-Buyer Supplier Business and Supply Continuity Covenant (Annotated)
  • Sample Clause – Mutual Indemnification for Data Breach (Annotated)
  • Checklist – Project Management for Legal Operations: Step by Step
  • Checklist – Developing Requirements for Legal Ops
  • Checklist – Responding to Mistakes

Access the toolkit now for detailed guidance on the most pressing challenges facing corporate legal departments.

The Essential General Counsel Toolkit