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Staying Competitive in a Crowded Legal Services Market

Bloomberg Law Special Report

Market realities are driving change in how in-house departments and law firms can optimize legal services and innovate in response to new demands. Amid this disruption, the legal industry is searching for the best ways to create efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure commoditized work is managed while complex work gets the attention it needs.

With new entrants to the legal services market and new business models at play, relationships between alternative providers, corporate legal departments, law firms, and their clients continue to evolve. Download this special report from Bloomberg Law to learn about the demands, new competition, and compliance complications that are altering the legal services market.

In this issue:

  • ALSPs Spur Big Law to Reexamine Offerings
  • Big Law Accommodating Change With New Perspectives
  • Inside Jobs: Legal Departments Adapt to Tech Change
  • Big Four Edge Into U.S. Legal Market
  • Data Privacy Impact on Law Business Still Evolving

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