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Excerpted Chapter—Robotic Process Automation

With the potential to displace millions of jobs over the next decade, advances in robotic process automation (RPA) could well be the “next big thing” businesses turn to as they look to take advantage of burgeoning technologies and maximize efficiencies.

In this excerpted chapter, Robotic Process Automation, taken from the Technology and Outsourcing portfolio released by Bloomberg Law and international law firm McDermott Will & Emery, you will get expert analysis of this technology, including a detailed description of what exactly RPA technology is, how RPA bots are different from other technologies, an understanding of the benefits of leveraging RPA, and examples of how the technology can be deployed in specific business processes from insurance claims processing to customized mass e-mail marketing deployments.

The excerpt also includes a deep dive into potential legal issues with RPA technology, including:

  • How to determine legal liability for these technologies—since much of the technology centers around removing the human interaction of specific processes, questions will need to be answered with regard to liability potentially shifting from operators to manufactures.
  • Ensuring that RPA technology put in place to maintain and process data also complies with existing and evolving data regulatory requirements.
  • Negotiation of contract language, both in cases of substantial changes to a contract—for example, where an entire set of terms, such as those addressing “service levels” based on human output, should be removed from an existing contract—and in cases where nuances of the technology necessitate changes to specific terms.
  • Considerations of other issues—for example, a likely uptick in legal disputes over the short term as unintended consequences of the technology come to light; and human resources involvement in addressing any legislation aimed to protect workers from unemployment in the face of RPA technology.

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