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Practical Guidance for your Practice

Perhaps the only certain aspect of law firm practice in 2022 is uncertainty. From dramatic shifts in staffing and the changing definition of workplaces and work hours, to the relentless, time-sensitive client inquiries requiring fast, accurate responses in real time, the law firm landscape has been undergoing profound change.

While on the surface, law firms large and small have emerged seemingly unscathed from the turmoil of the last few years, the new normal of law firm practice is to get more done in less time.

That’s why practice tools, such as the Practical Guidance contained in this report, have never been of greater importance. Developed by practitioners, for practitioners, Bloomberg Law Practical Guidance anticipates your practice needs with an intelligent combination of practice area expertise, how-to procedural guidance, and essential forms — so you will be certain to have easily accessible, step-by-step answers to address complex questions.

The report includes just a sampling of our 6,000 Practical Guidance documents available on Bloomberg Law, including:

  • Overview – Defamation
  • Overview – Truth: Tort Defense
  • Overview – Compensatory (Actual) Damages
  • Overview – Comparative Negligence
  • Overview – Choice of Law
  • Pandemic M&A Due Diligence Checklist
  • Sample Clause – Force Majeure as Cause beyond a Party’s Control (Annotated)
  • Sample Clause – Export Controls on Data Sharing with Foreign Nationals (Annotated)
Practical Guidance for your Practice