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M&A Negotiating Trends: M&A Buyers Respond to Seller-Friendly Market

Download the Bloomberg Law special report, M&A Negotiating Trends: M&A Buyers Respond to Seller-Friendly Market, which features analysis by experts at Bloomberg Law and SRS Acquiom, to understand general market trends and take a deep dive into the changes that have occurred over the last several years with regard to deal terms and what they mean for both buyers and sellers.

Download the report now and you will:

  • Access expert analysis – conducted by Bloomberg Law and SRS Acquiom – of deal terms contained in 795 private-target M&A agreements concluded between 2013 and 2016 (included in the SRS Acquiom “MarketStandard” database) as well as approximately 42,600 private-target M&A deals (contained in the Bloomberg Law Deal Analytics database).
  • See how increased use of auctions, rather than negotiated sales to market and sell target companies and an uptick in private buyers (from 53.4 percent in 2014 to 64.5 percent in 2017) have shifted the market to favor sellers.
  • Access detailed graphics that present the findings, including those analyzing average deal size, median multiple of return, post-closing purchase price adjustments, and more.
  • Understand some of the creative provisions that buyers are utilizing to limit or curb seller-friendly terms, including negotiating for “diminution in value” damages in M&A agreements as buyers seek assurances of their investments.


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