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Understanding value-based billing

The Bloomberg Law special report on Alternative Fee Arrangements: Practical Guidance to Navigate Value-Based Billing was recently updated. Access insights from expert practitioners as they explore billing options that are gaining traction and attention across the legal landscape.

While AFAs can take on many forms, you’ll discover those most commonly used – and how they’re defined. You’ll learn about the benefits these agreements bring to both clients and the law firms working on their behalf.

And we’ve also included content you can put to work right away, including a useful implementation checklist and sample supplemental engagement letters.

What’s Inside?

  • [Overview] Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • [Checklist] Implementation of Alternative Fee Arrangements
  • [Chart] Alternative Fee Arrangements Comparisons
  • [Supplemental Engagement Letter] Law Firm AFA Under $50,000 with Hard Budget and Dead Deal Discount
  • [Supplemental Engagement Letter] Law Firm Non-AFA Hourly Matter under $50,000

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