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Litigation Workflows Solved:
Tools and Guidance to Accelerate Your Research and Preparation

Pinpoint areas of opportunity for reducing time spent on nonbillable work with help from Litigation Practical Guidance, a new resource from Bloomberg Law. With these examples from our new offering, you’ll learn how you can leverage tools for making sense of complicated data, thereby improving your bottom line and freeing up time for more analytical work.

This special report contains tips for:

  • Filing motions, including the timing of when to file
  • Assessing how different jurisdictions view particular motions
  • Determining what courts consider when deciding if “good cause” exists
  • Expediting and facilitating issue identification and execution

Litigation Practical Guidance is designed to aid litigators in quickly researching and tackling the complicated issues they confront on a daily basis. The collection is organized by stage of litigation and topic; each contains explanations of essential procedural steps, research tools, and practice tips to help confirm that not a single detail gets missed.

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