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Litigation Trends and Opportunities in 2019

Prepare for more disruption in litigation. 

Get the scoop on the latest technology, regulation, and ethical concerns that are changing the way litigators work with the latest Bloomberg Law special report, Litigation Trends and Opportunities in 2019.

Download your copy to learn how law firms and in-house counsel are leveraging AI to free up staff time for higher-level tasks, ethical questions around the boom in litigation finance, implications of data protection laws, and how the keen use of technology is propelling increased interactions between litigators and the Big Four.

The special report contains five articles that investigate the changing nature of litigation:

  • AI Brings Challenges and Efficiencies to Law Firms
  • Litigation Finance Growth Spawns Oversight Concerns
  • Data Protection Laws Complicate Cross-Border Discovery
  • Tech Alters Big Law-Big Four Dynamic
  • Automation Revamps Litigation, Raises Ethics Issues

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