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2023 Law School Preparedness Survey Results

Now in its second year, our Law School Preparedness Survey has been expanded with new content to tackle timely topics and explore in greater detail whether law school truly prepares students to practice.

This year, we surveyed over 2,600 practicing attorneys, law students, and other legal professionals to gain insight into the skills needed to practice law and how well law schools prepare individuals for a career in the legal profession – with interesting results.

Survey results explore these topics:

  • Coursework
  • Steps in the process for students and attorneys
  • Comparing students to attorneys
  • Emotional well-being
  • Proficiency with soft skills
  • Research and resources
  • Law school decisions
  • Life experience
  • Preparation for the job

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In law school, interactions with clients – either real and simulated – were low, even among 3Ls.

Just over one-third of practicing attorneys said that students who were on law review and similar programs were more prepared than those who were not.

Communication and judgment are top characteristics of a successful attorney, but practicing attorneys place more emphasis on judgment, while students rank communication higher.

Practicing attorneys were more likely than other groups to say they graduated with little-to-no debt. Almost half of practicing attorneys had $50k or less in debt at the end of law school, whereas a similar proportion of current students say they will have $50k or more in debt by the time they graduate.

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