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The Latest Developments in Cross-Border Transactions

Bloomberg Law Special Report

Globalization, market uncertainties, and new regulations and rulings are all complicating international deals and adding to the burdens faced by inside and outside counsel.

For data-backed insights on the trends that are quickly changing how international business is conducted, sign up today for your free copy of a new special report from Bloomberg Law, The Latest Developments in Cross-Border Transactions. This report looks beyond just M&A for the impacts to watch, including the requirements faced by foreign companies that get entangled in U.S. litigation.

In this issue:

  • Foreign Investment Faces Greater Scrutiny
  • The Near-Term Outlook for Cross-Border M&A
  • Litigation Poses Risks to Foreign Companies
  • International Dispute Resolution Poised for More Growth
  • WTO Decision May Set Confrontation With U.S. Tariffs

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