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Download Now: The State of Women in IP Law

Crafted as part of a partnership between Bloomberg Law® and the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), this detailed review of responses from the AIPLA’s Economic and Member Survey includes, for the first time, responses analyzed along gender lines. The analysis provides statistically relevant data about how women and men differ in various aspects of their intellectual property law careers.

This report includes an analysis of the trends over the past several years, including:

  • Variances in the gender pay gap across different IP practice tracks, including solo practitioners, law firm partners and associates, corporate attorneys, and corporate heads of IP
  • Gender-based differences in part-time work, and the reasoning given for transitioning to part-time practice
  • Percentage of women vs. men who serve in different capacities in the workplace, including serving as first chair in an IP litigation and owning a book of business
  • Forward-looking trends based on survey responses from 2010 and 2015 compared to the 2018 survey, which indicates that women are being given more options to take on lead roles, including partner options

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