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Domestic Privacy Profile – Florida

Download the Florida Domestic Privacy Profile to get a detailed view of state laws and regulations by data type and sector.  Bloomberg Law’s domestic privacy profiles offer a local practitioner’s perspective on the regulatory climate in each state they cover. Alfred J. Saikali, of Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, Miami, provided expert review of the Florida Profile and wrote the Risk Environment section.

Get a detailed analysis of the state’s privacy law including:

  • Personal data protection provisions in the state including who is covered, what is covered and who must comply. Understand the unique elements of the Florida Information Protection Act — including data disposal responsibility.
  • Understand how different types of data must be handled according to state law, from biometric data, credit card data, criminal records, financial information, health data, social security information and more.
  • Sector specific provisions that apply to specific industries and areas including advertising and marketing, education, HR and employment and more.
  • Criminal liability under Florida privacy law.
  • Differences in Florida’s privacy law compared to other states,  including granting the Attorney General’s Office greater investigatory powers upon notification of a data breach.

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