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Daily Labor Report: Covid-19 and the Workplace

Employers, and the attorneys who advise them, have entered unchartered territory as they navigate the pandemic. With little legal and regulatory guidance to direct organizational policies and activity, certain topics must be carefully explored to reduce litigation risk – and ensure safety in the workplace.

Download this exclusive labor report to evaluate subjects that are top of mind for legal practitioners including:

Coronavirus, workplace diversity, and discrimination

  • Impact of Trump administration polices
  • Avoiding claims with an in-depth return-to-work plan
  • Crucial components of the plan

Covid-19 survivors

  • Persistent symptoms and medical issues
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and reasonable accommodations
  • Covid-19 effects and legal definition of disability
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and existing interpretations


  • Employer responsibility when warning employees about mass layoffs
  • 60-day notice requirements
  • Application of the unforeseen business circumstances exception

Worksite, returning to work, cleaning policies – and risks

  • Most significant upcoming workplace challenges
  • Eligibility provisions and waiting periods under group health plans
  • Employer cleaning precautions and litigation risk

In-house attorney adaptations

  • Potential for wage and hour lawsuits
  • Public health best practices
  • Corporate policy changes and operationalizing Covid-19-related safety laws
  • Worker privacy

Mask and vaccine mandates

  • Verbal abuse and violence towards workers due to mask requirements
  • Liability risks for not protecting workers from customer harassment
  • OSHA’s burden to prove a general duty clause citation
  • ADS’s “direct threat standard”
  • Accommodations for employees who request to opt out

Covid-19 workers privacy checklist

Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave guide for private employers

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