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Bloomberg Law 2021 – Future of the Legal Industry

Change will be the theme for the legal industry into 2021 – and beyond. And a paradigm shift is necessary for effective planning and strategic efforts.

In this special report, our analysts explore the catalysts for change, including:

Key industry questions

  • Needs and how to meet them
  • Permanent changes to the traditional workplace
  • Legal tech – and how to use it
  • Support between employers and employees

Lawyer well-being

  • 24/7 work culture
  • Work and home life balance
  • Technology as the answer to key challenges
  • Metrics and KPIs to ensure tech success

Transformation in networking

  • Networking – from afar
  • Covid-19 challenges to web networking
  • Options for approaches

In-house counsel adaptations

  • Realities of telework
  • New policies and procedures for on-site workforces
  • Workers’ privacy and rights – and liability

Legal Tech Expectations and Reality

  • Efficiencies and error reduction due to technology
  • Success metrics
  • Requirements and guidelines governing outside counsel

Anti-money laundering controls

  • U.S. regulators’ approaches and responses to fraud
  • Hybrid work arrangement and AML controls
  • Increases in penalties and collaborative enforcement efforts

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