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Bloomberg Law 2020: Transactions Report

The impact of the pandemic-induced downturn on the transactional market has placed companies and deal attorneys in uncharted territory. From strategic leadership and supply chain disruptions to financing options and private equity investment, the Bloomberg Law 2020: Transactions report is a unique resource to help you evaluate the legal landscape.

Find the key insights you need to prepare, including:

  • The role of the board of directors in guiding corporate change
  • The increased significance of force majeure clauses in contractual agreements
  • The types of financing companies are turning to in the face of reduced access to traditional forms
  • The long-term impacts on the M&A market and foreign investment review

After you’ve downloaded and reviewed the report, head over to Bloomberg Law 2020: Moving Forward and Looking Ahead for additional resources and in-depth analysis to help in your short- and long-term planning.

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