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Artificial Intelligence for Litigators: Top 5 Myths About This Cutting-Edge Technology

The amount of data available is multiplying at an exponential rate, making the need for artificial intelligence more relevant than ever. In the legal industry, AI has applications in the e-discovery, litigation, and transactional spheres. And while AI is gaining popularity across all industries, much still remains unknown or misunderstood—and that has led to fears and myths that are largely unwarranted.

This exclusive Bloomberg Law white paper, Artificial Intelligence for Litigators, demystifies five of the most common assumptions about AI technology with examples of how litigators can use AI tools to save time, create actionable intelligence, and offer better guidance to their clients.

Some of the questions you’ll find the answers to include:

  • Will AI make lawyers obsolete?
  • Can AI eliminate all human error?
  • Do I need a technology background to use AI?

Read Bloomberg Law’s Artificial Intelligence for Litigators to cut through the noise and get the facts about how to leverage AI in your practice.

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