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A Changing Landscape: Legal Operations
Survey Results and Detailed Analysis

Legal Operations Function

Access the executive summary of the Bloomberg Law Legal Operations & Technology Survey that gathered insights from nearly 500 in-house and law firm practitioners on the fast moving fields of legal technology and operations. The piece also includes in-depth analysis of the survey findings as they relate to alternative fee arrangement (AFA) payment models in comparison to the standard billable hour models. Download now to get:

  • Key insights into where corporate legal departments and law firms differ in the adaption and use of legal technology.
  • Insights on specific questions around legal operations including who within the organization directs legal operations, the scope of legal operations oversight, concerns when considering adoption of new technology and more.
  • Explanations and perspectives on “shadow billing” as law firm clients shift towards AFAs but still want to understand pricing as it relates to time spent on specific tasks.
  • An examination of tech tools created to manage billing being developed by external software developers as well as law firms themselves.
  • Analysis of the legal procurement function as it relates to legal operations and how this role has evolved over time to help make prudent, data-based decisions collaboratively.

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