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2018 HR Auditing Practices

Just as individuals periodically undergo checkups in order to maintain good health, organizations commonly audit their human resources functions in order to assess and improve their employment practices and compliance. In fact, 84% of surveyed organizations conduct HR audits on a regular and/or ad hoc basis. According to the 16% that do not audit, the most common reasons are that the organization is too small, lacks the resources, or has no need.

2018 HR Auditing Practices from Bloomberg Law synthesizes survey data from hundreds of organizations to provide insights on current audit approaches, human resources areas targeted for review, and steps taken in closing out audits.

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  • Infographic summary of the report’s findings on audit schedules, responsibility for planning and conducting reviews, and more.
  • Analysis of all the issues explored in the survey, noting variations in the audit approaches of small and large organizations.
  • In-text graphics that highlight results, from the main considerations and resources involved in conducting audits to requirements for closing the process.
  • Breakdown of audit activity across more than 30 areas of HR.
  • Details on audit outcomes, how results are reported, steps taken in response to the findings, and attitudes regarding the value of HR audits.

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