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Just one. That’s all it takes. One enforcement action, one breach, one lawsuit. Privacy and data security law is a delicate – sometimes volatile – fast-moving practice area requiring constant vigilance to protect your organizations and your clients. Map your strategy with essential news, expert analysis, and practice tools.

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Practical Guidance for privacy and data security law compliance

Provide sound counsel to your clients or stakeholders on changing privacy law requirements with step-by-step practice tools and guidance from Bloomberg Law.

China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) FAQs

PIPL is China’s first national law that comprehensively regulates personal information protections issues. Find answers to common questions about the PIPL, including data handling, cross-border data transfers, and staying compliant.

Data Security Checklist for Reviewing Vendor Contracts

Before working with a new vendor, it’s important to know their policies and practices for personal information, security incidents, and responding to regulatory changes. Use this checklist to raise key data security questions when reviewing the terms of a proposed vendor contract.

CCPA vs. CPRA: What’s the Difference?

As the first comprehensive consumer privacy legislation in the U.S., CCPA and CPRA are changing the way companies do business. Learn answers to many of the most common questions about the CCPA and CPRA, covering enforcement, rights, and compliance.

Keeping you up to speed on privacy and data security law

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From EU GDPR to CCPA and beyond, Bloomberg Law is a comprehensive platform for practitioners to track the latest developments– with actionable guidance that empowers them to take decisive actions.

  • Primary and secondary sources, practice tools, and analysis across data privacy law and other key topics
  • Data privacy news
  • Checklists and sample forms to support day-to-day needs
  • In Focus resource pages providing analysis of critical issues

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Expert analysis of privacy and data security laws

Bloomberg Law delivers expert perspectives and insights into factors shaping state, federal and international data and privacy law. From risk mitigation and compliance challenges to legislative initiatives impacting how companies do business, our legal analysts closely track today’s shifting policy landscape to deliver actionable intelligence for law firms and corporate counsel.


Maturing Approaches to Privacy, Cybersecurity & Contract Drafting

New privacy and cybersecurity rules are bringing more scrutiny and complexity to the contract process. Our panel of expert practitioners provide a practical view into significant operational trends and provide guidance on navigating the complex implications for contract drafting and approval processes.


Compare key provisions of the GDPR with new laws in CA, VA, and CO

Benchmark new privacy laws in California (CCPA/CPRA), Virginia (VCDPA), and Colorado (CPA) against the GDPR with this side-by-side comparison table of frequently asked questions.


Biometric Data Privacy Laws and Lawsuits

Learn about the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), related lawsuits, other biometric privacy state laws, and the potential for national legislation.

In Focus: Privacy and data security law

Bloomberg Law’s In Focus resources save valuable time and resources by tracking developments affecting legal professionals and business leaders.

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In Focus: GDPR Compliance includes all the critical news, analysis, and practice tools you need to stay ahead of the most wide-reaching law in the realm of privacy and data security

In Focus: California Privacy (CCPA/CPRA) helps you navigate the complex CCPA with valuable resources such as the CCPA Implementation Checklist, Practical Guidance, and CCPA vs. CPRA comparison tables

In Focus: Virginia Privacy provides details on this recently enacted law, including an applicability questionnaire to help determine the impact on your organization and Privacy Law FAQs comparing GDPR with laws from California, Virginia, and Colorado

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