Oct 2, 2019Live Event

Bloomberg Law In-House Forum East

The Bloomberg Law In-House Forum East is an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who are actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments.
Oct 1, 2019Webinar

Workflow Solutions for Transactional Attorneys

Whether its M&A, securities offerings, financing transactions, or other commercial transactions, transactional work is often a key part of a firm’s practice. In this webinar, participants will learn how to create efficiencies in drafting, negotiating, legal research, and company research.
Sep 26, 2019Webinar

Stay Ahead of Changes in Legal Services Delivery

This webinar will examine how the relationship between general counsel, law firms, and ALSPs is shifting and what will that mean for the future of legal services.
Sep 18, 2019Live Event

Bloomberg Law Leadership Forum DC

The Bloomberg Law Leadership Forum – Washington brings our exclusive legal series for in-house counsel and law firm leaders to Washington, D.C. A full day of programming and networking provides attendees with a unique opportunity to engage with clients, service providers, and the leaders who are shaping the future of the profession.
Sep 12, 2019Webinar

Best Practices for Research Using AI

So you’ve got eight hours to become an expert on a random topic? This panel of seasoned litigators will show you tips and tricks to use today’s AI tools to narrow the field for research (without missing critical nuances) and spot issues in related areas to make sure you are answering the right question.
Sep 5, 2019Webinar

Top Compliance Risks Facing Today’s In-House Counsel

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, corporate legal departments must stay ahead of these regulatory changes and ensure they are complying to mitigate risk.
Aug 27, 2019Webinar

2019 Labor & Employment Roundup

State legislatures are implementing new labor and employment initiatives focusing on today’s issues ranging from the #MeToo movement to the gig economy. Corporations should understand what to expect under these new regulations and ensure they are in compliance.
Aug 7, 2019Webinar

Minimize Risk Exposure: Strategies for Leading Internal Investigations

Actions by a rogue employee, a coordinated scheme, or a systemic problem left unidentified and unchecked can result in a violation of company policy, or worse, the law. These legal and regulatory compliance vulnerabilities pose significant risk, cost and disruptions to business.
Jul 24, 2019Webinar

Legal Operations: Achieve Efficiency and Profitability

Corporate legal departments, particularly in highly regulated industries such as financial services, face increasing pressure to keep operational costs low while contributing to business success and differentiation.
Jul 17, 2019Webinar

Bringing Efficiencies to Transactional Workflows

Managing the complexities of corporate transactions can be expensive and time-consuming. Negotiating and documenting transactions, complying with the nuances of transactions with an international component, particularly under scrutiny from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), and properly valuing assets remain complex issues for counsel.