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Alternative Fee Arrangements

Alternative fee arrangements are more commonly being seen as vital to law firm innovation and profitability. Learn more about the types of arrangements and how firms and organizations are employing them.


The Call for Optimization: How Legal Operations Is Improving Outcomes

Learn how to optimize legal services by matching the right resources with the right work at the right time.

Legal Operations Survey 2020

Bloomberg Law surveyed nearly 600 law practitioners, including 98 serving in-house and 490 at law firms. Their responses provide insight into the rapidly evolving field of legal operations. Survey results include answers about the purpose and scope of legal operations, legal technology adoption and impact, and processes for gauging effectiveness.

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Can Innovation Save Law Firms?

The Great Recession prompted changes to the legal industry, such as legal operations and the rise of ALSPs. If this recession dwarfs the last one, more innovative change is needed.

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Will AFAs Become Standard Practice This Time Around?

Alternative fee arrangements are underused in the legal industry. Will the current downturn flip the script on this?

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The New Normal: Law Firms May Never Be the Same

The legal industry has been shifting its operations. Some changes are related to the Covid-19 pandemic, but some were already in progress.

Leaning Into Legal AI

Artificial intelligence tools are now thoroughly embedded in the practice of law. Lawyers are using these tools to search, sort, predict, and guide many traditional legal tasks. But there are complex concerns at work: lawyers need to keep on top of new technologies, protect client confidentiality, comply with ethical constraints, and at the end of the day, be confident in what the computer spits out. Hear more on this episode of Law X.0.

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In Focus:
Legal Operations

News, analysis, and Practical Guidance essential to managing a corporate legal department’s or law firm’s efforts to improve the organization’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Practical Guidance:
Strategic Planning for In-House Legal Operations

For some businesses, moving forward may mean shutting down business operations, including weighing the options available and the implications they will have on employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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