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What is Legal Operations? Top Functions and Benefits

Learn about the key legal operations resources, functions, and benefits that enable law firms and in-house legal departments to efficiently manage projects and achieve goals.

2022 Legal Ops and Tech Survey

Bloomberg Law surveyed 190 legal professionals – 113 at law firms and 77 in-house – about legal operations and legal technology, including technology usage, efficiencies, barriers, metrics, decision-making responsibilities, and practice management. Only one-third of respondents say their organization has a formal process to measure the value of legal operations – and the ways they measure value differs.

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Leaning Into Legal AI

Artificial intelligence tools are now thoroughly embedded in the practice of law. Lawyers are using these tools to search, sort, predict, and guide many traditional legal tasks. But there are complex concerns at work: lawyers need to keep on top of new technologies, protect client confidentiality, comply with ethical constraints, and at the end of the day, be confident in what the computer spits out. Hear more on this episode of Law X.0.

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In Focus: Legal Operations iMac

In Focus: Legal Operations

News, analysis, and Practical Guidance essential to managing a corporate legal department’s or law firm’s efforts to improve the organization’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Practical Guidance iMac

Practical Guidance: Strategic Planning for In-House Legal Operations

For some businesses, moving forward may mean shutting down business operations, including weighing the options available and the implications they will have on employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

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