Stand out in class

Gain a competitive edge in school – and prepare for your first job.

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Get the help you need to excel in your first year – and turn your sights towards career success as you transition to an upper-level law student.

Stand out in class

Tips to conquer the classroom

Advice from practicing attorneys that you can apply from year to year.


Succeeding in the Modern Legal Classroom

Learn how top legal educators are helping students thrive in a virtual setting, embrace legal tech, develop leadership skills, and prepare to practice.


How to Succeed in Law School and as a New Lawyer in the Age of Covid-19

Attorneys at top law firms share advice to help the newest generation of legal professionals excel in school and launch their careers.

Use our first-year page to help you excel in class, with tips on picking a study group, writing an effective outline, managing your time, dealing with stress, and mastering memo writing.

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Get acclimated to life as a student – from your first year on – with tips that help you master the skills you need.

1L Resource

Learn how to pick the right study group, manage your time and stress, and master the art of writing a memo.

Upper-level Resource

Ace your interview, thrive as an intern, and learn how to advance your career interests through proper course selection.

Law School Outlining – Why, When, and How To Do It

Your complete, expert guide on making the most of outlining as a law student and the outlining practices to avoid.

How to Use Study Aids Effectively

Discover how to properly incorporate study aids and other resources into your law school experience.