Bloomberg Law Update for Law Librarians

October 20, 2021

What’s New

New Benefits, Wage/Hour & Leave Guides Available

Several new guides are now available on Bloomberg Law. The Guide to FLSA and Federal Contractor Wage Requirements and the Guide to FMLA and Federal Leave Laws integrate in-depth discussion of federal wage, hour, and leave law with Bloomberg Law’s Smart Code, BCite, Points of Law, Practical Guidance, books and treatises, and DOL guidance. The Fringe Benefits Guide covers the complex tax code and other requirements connected to fringe benefit offerings.

These guides replace the Wages and Hours Manual, which has been removed from Bloomberg Law. Use the guides to help students and associates jumpstart their research on wage & hour, leave and employee benefits law.

Custom Search Result Lists Are Here

Bloomberg Law recently released custom search results lists! This feature allows you to select just the items of most interest from a results list in order to craft your own, user-specific results list when downloading. Attorneys will benefit from librarian-curated lists that are easy for you to create.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Run a search to get a results page. Select the results you want to include in your custom list.
  2. Click the Download icon, and then select Download Selected Results.
  3. Once the Download Selected Results popup displays, select your options, then click Ok.
  4. Navigate to the Download Center and select the downloaded documents.

Introducing Versions Comparison Tool!

We’ve created a new timesaving tool called Versions Compare that allows users to compare previous versions of the Treasury Regulations and the Internal Revenue Code with the click of a button. With Versions Compare, users can pull up prior Treasury Regulations and Code sections, allowing for easier comparison and a faster, simpler process. Look for “Versions” in the right rail when calling up an affected code or regulation.

Social Media Influencers-Tell Your Attorneys and Students

The practice of entering into transactions with social media influencers and other types of endorsers to promote brands and products has become popular within the last several years. As a result, we created Practical Guidance documents on influencer marketing and similar endorsement agreements.

This content will be useful to both law firm attorneys who draft, revise, and negotiate commercial agreements related to influencers and endorsements and to faculty and students studying new areas of law. Litigation in this area is expected to grow, making the launch of these resources timely.


Cataloging Record Update Available

The latest Bloomberg Law cataloging record update is now available on the ‘Bloomberg Law MARC Records’ web page. Complimentary new and revised update files are available for download on this page under the ‘Latest Update Files for Bloomberg Law.’ This update includes records for:

  • Accounting Policy & Practice Portfolios
  • Tax Management Portfolios
  • Getting the Deal Through
  • Bloomberg Law News Products

Please see the linked quarterly update memo for more information.

If you have questions about loading Bloomberg Law records, please visit the ‘About Loading MARC Records’ page or contact Matthew Newton at for more information. The next quarterly update is tentatively planned for December 2021.

BNA Archives

BNA Law Report Archive Page

Historic BNA Law Reports are now available on Bloomberg Law. We recently launched the BNA Current Reports Archive page, which provides quick access to over 30 historic BNA news publications dating back to the 1930s. Titles are organized alphabetically by subject area and issues are available as fully-searchable, high-quality PDF files.

Some of the classic titles you’ll find on this quick access page include the BNA Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report, Daily Labor Report, ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct, and the United States Law Week among others. We encourage you to check out and bookmark this archive page. Researchers looking for an older article and/or the state of an area of law, legislative intent, or contemporary case commentary will find value in this collection.

Tips & Tricks

Taxonomists at Work

Librarians know the tips and tricks to get better search results.  Did you know that Bloomberg Law has a Taxonomy Team of in-house attorneys and librarians devoted to improving search and findability? The team maintains a taxonomy of 3,400 legal topics and applies those subject-matter topics behind the scenes as metadata to Bloomberg Law content and source materials to assist search. The taxonomy also helps users set up email alerts based on their areas of interest and is used behind-the-scenes to recommend related content, and other product enhancements.

Training & Help

How to Succeed as a Junior Associate

The early years of law firm life can be nerve-wracking, especially when a pandemic brings additional hurdles into play. A panel of former law firm associates will help them prepare to tackle their initial assignments. Access this complimentary, on-demand webinar.

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