Bloomberg Law Update for Law Librarians

February 2022


New MARC Record Update Available

The first Bloomberg Law cataloging record update for 2022 is now available. This update includes new and revised records for American Bar Association and Tax Management Portfolio titles. To download the records, please visit the Bloomberg Law MARC Records page. Bundled update files are available at the top of the page for your convenience.

New and revised records are added quarterly. With each update, we send a detailed memo listing all the changes to help you keep your catalog up to date. Records with custom fields are also available upon request. Please contact us if you would like to be added to the quarterly update memo email distribution list.

BNA Archives

Tax Management Portfolio Archive

Archived Tax Management Portfolios are now on Bloomberg Law. With over 1,400 historic portfolios dating back to the 1960s, this collection is one of the premier tax archival collections anywhere. Each Tax Management portfolio analyzes a specific topic of federal taxation and includes authoritative, in-depth analysis and practice documents.

The Tax Management Portfolio archive collection is available in high-quality, searchable PDF files on Bloomberg Law. To begin your research, start by clicking the ‘All Legal Content Search’ on the Bloomberg Law homepage, then click ‘U.S. Secondary Sources’ and then ‘Bloomberg BNA Portfolios.’ Finally, click the down arrow for the ‘Tax Portfolios (Archive)’ and check the collections you want to search.

Please share this resource with law professors, students, and attorneys interested in the history of tax law or checking old citations.

What’s New

New Docket Features

Attention dockets users: Bloomberg Law recently acquired more than 700,000 briefs from U.S. District Courts. Bloomberg Law now has more than one million U.S. District Court briefs available on the platform. And our Engineering team is processing these briefs to improve the suggestions returned by Brief Analyzer, making that feature even more valuable.

Also, we added docket resolutions for closed, federal district court civil dockets. Users will be able to quickly see the outcome of a case in the right rail of a docket sheet under ‘Resolution.’

These new features enhance our market-leading dockets tool, which boasts 201 million dockets, crowd-sourced retrieval of filings, and Docket Key, which allows users to pinpoint specific filing types across all federal district courts.

New Electronic Evidence Handbook

The American College of Trial Lawyers’ Handbook of Electronic Evidence is now live on Bloomberg Law. This new guide addresses how the rules of evidence governing authenticity and hearsay apply to different forms of electronic evidence and includes:

  • Perspectives from experts in electronic documents;
  • Sample documents/outlines for practitioners and judges (including Q&A to offer electronic evidence, model limiting instructions, model certifications to meet the requirements of the Federal Rules of Evidence); and,
  • Glossary of key terms.

This new title enhances the extensive collection of litigation tools already available on Bloomberg Law and can be found on the Books & Treatises page. The handbook will be a handy guide for judges, litigators, and law professors teaching evidence courses, as well as a reference title for librarians.

Practice Tools

Draft Analyzer Update

Draft Analyzer Market Standard Clauses provide up-to-the-minute coverage for contract drafting. A set of 18 Practical Guidance Sample Clause documents have been added, covering different types of provisions for mergers, stock purchases, and asset purchases. Each market standard provision is tailorable to a specific segment of deals by using the filters on the left-hand side of the page. Using the power of Bloomberg Law’s Draft Analyzer tool, we are able to provide this information on a real-time basis. Contact your Client Service Partner to show associates how they can save time using this tool.

In the News

Bloomberg Law Reporters

Did you know we have more than 150 credentialed reporters covering Capitol Hill? Our reporters are there when news is made and have insider access to the top decision makers. Two of the 36 seats in the White House Press Briefing Room are reserved for Bloomberg reporters, giving us access like few other news organizations.

Until the pandemic began, we had more credentialed reporters covering Capitol Hill than the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post combined and more than any other single news source. We expect that to resume soon.

Our readers — whether new or seasoned attorneys, law school faculty, law librarians, or law students — know that Bloomberg Law news is the most authoritative legal news available. Let us know if you want to learn more about the breadth and depth of our news coverage or have a reporter speak to students taking ALR or new associates seeking to stay current in their area of law.

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