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2022 Outlook on Labor & Employment

The 2022 Outlook on Labor & Employment provides timely, relevant information that can help you navigate these changes. With news stories covering fast-changing developments, in-depth perspectives from our team of expert analysts, and Practical Guidance to steer you through unfamiliar territory, the Outlook delivers exclusive content that will help set your course for tomorrow — today.


On-Site Temperature and Health Screening Policy

Review an annotated sample policy for employers that choose to implement health screenings to help control the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

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Learn more about the impact of the ADA on COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

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Smarter, faster legal research with Brief Analyzer

Find out how our AI-powered Brief Analyzer tool will save your L&E practice time and increase productivity.


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Gig economy workers, app-based companies, and the law

App-based companies have created a unique labor market, known as the gig economy. Gig workers, if labeled as independent contractors, are left without many of the job protections that traditional employees receive. Learn why companies and state governments are at odds over how to properly classify gig workers.

Expert analysis

Explore exclusive expertise with labor and employment-focused intelligence. Check out the Privacy & Data Security page to learn how businesses are managing compliance obligations under the CCPA and GDPR.


Virus Telework Surge Primed for School-Year Reckoning in Court

A manager’s headache of tracking employees’ unscheduled telework hours is intensifying as millions of homes become part office and part virtual classroom.


State Pregnancy Accommodation Laws Fill Federal Gaps

As of Oct. 1, more than half of the states will require private employers to provide accommodations to pregnant workers. But state laws are still just a patchwork of protections.


BLS Jobs Predictions Optimistic; Legal Unemployment Up

The Bureau of Labor Statistics believes that legal occupations are going to grow about as fast as all U.S. occupations between 2019 and 2029, with big gains seen in non-lawyer positions.

Three key themes in police union contracts

As police unions have been in the spotlight in recent months, Bloomberg Law analyzed collective bargaining agreements from 53 cities across the U.S. Dylan Bruce reports on the variety of protections uncovered by our analysis.

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Labor and Employment State Law Chart Builders

Quickly generate state-by-state comparisons of statutes and regulations in an easy-to-read format.


In Focus: Gig Economy

Delve into comprehensive coverage of the independent employment relationship and associated scrutiny, including analysis of the legal status and rights of gig economy workers.


Labor Arbitration Awards Tracker

Search for critical data and filter results by key information such as arbitrator, prevailing party, topic, union, and more.

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