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The Higher Bar for Managing Data & Privacy:
What Does “Good” Look Like Now?

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Managing data and customer privacy isn’t simply a compliance question, it requires involvement across your entire organization. Whether a company elects to manage from the top down or the bottom up, cybersecurity and privacy are matters that impact a business’s market standing and reputation. Corporate boards are shaping the company’s profile, while they must also stay attuned to the security and proper use of consumer and employee data. At the operational level, privacy and data management policies need to make sense and reflect the latest laws, enforcement actions, and technology. In other words, key legal and IT managers need to remain fully engaged while, at times, exercising judgment ahead of board or senior guidance.

This work presents diverse implementation challenges. One entity’s blueprint for stakeholder teams, security briefings, policy development, public disclosures, and crisis responses may not track with another’s. In this evolving context, are there emerging best practices for boards and legal departments? And what can boards do to empower professionals in an organization to respond quickly and effectively in this fast-moving environment?

This year’s In-House Forum focused on providing insight into success stories and practical solutions, so senior corporate leaders can understand how they stack up and how they can raise the bar in their own organizations.

Who Should Watch

Any senior leader, board member, committee member, etc., involved in ensuring privacy and security are integrated throughout your business – from strategy to implementation.

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Fireside Chat with Lynn Haaland, Chief Compliance, Ethics & Privacy Officer, and Deputy General Counsel Zoom Video Communications

  • Lynn Haaland, Chief Compliance, Ethics & Privacy Officer, and Deputy General Counsel, Zoom Video Communications
  • Interviewer: Jo-el Meyer, News Director, Bloomberg Law

The Board’s Role in Oversight – Is Privacy a Priority?

As companies continue to collect and share more data from and between customers and counterparties, the board of directors’ role in overseeing data management and privacy cannot be underestimated. This panel will discuss the board’s responsibility to adopt a culture of security, instill appropriate expectations for delivering on promises of privacy, and break down internal silos to facilitate technical and strategic collaboration.

Focusing on what good oversight looks like, we examine how to integrate compliance issues into vendor relationships, highlighting some strategies companies have implemented to make privacy and data security into brand priorities. Learn how to successfully implement robust policies, empower key leaders, avoid data management liabilities, and fold privacy into messaging and brand in a positive way that drives business forward.

  • Jason Albert, Global Privacy Officer, ADP
  • Kristie Chon Flynn, Senior Director, Privacy Engineering and Data Governance, Google
  • Jana Landon, Chief Privacy Officer, Lincoln Financial Group
  • Serena Palumbo, Data Protection Officer, ING Financial Holdings
  • Moderator: Diane Holt, Team Lead – Transactions, Bloomberg Law

Implementation of Privacy Policies – Can You Keep Up with the Standards?

This panel focuses on the implementation of privacy and data security policies approved by the board. These policies need to respond to data management best practices, as well as regulations on state, federal, and international levels—but how do you make sure that your internal policies and vendor contracts keep pace with evolving law while remaining aligned with the board’s own standards?

We discuss how companies are currently modifying their compliance programs to account for heightened visibility, fast-changing legal requirements, and consumer expectations, as well as how those compliance programs shape vendor and other key relationships. Hear success stories, how to deal with conflicting requirements and other compliance issues, and how to explain privacy and cyber risks to your board.

  • Richard Cohen, Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel, Foot Locker
  • Assaf Keren, Chief Information Security Officer & VP, Enterprise Security, PayPal
  • Jessica B. Lee, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLC
  • Moderator: Peter Karalis, Assistant Team Lead – Corporate, Bloomberg Law

Fireside Chat with Flora Garcia, Global Privacy and Data Protection Office Leader, Wayfair

  • Flora Garcia, Global Privacy and Data Protection Office Leader, Wayfair
  • Interviewer: Chris Opfer, Team Lead, Bloomberg Law