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Bloomberg Law data delivery options let you seamlessly integrate our best-in-class dockets data right into your internal applications.

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Our enterprise dockets solution allows you to set up alerts and search Bloomberg Law Dockets on your firm’s internal platform.

Alerts Integration

  • Enterprise Dockets Search Alerts provides docket alerts in a JSON format delivered to a secure FTP site in regular intervals
  • Clients set up alerts on Bloomberg Law with their own parameters and select delivery “by Feed”
  • Clients can use their own internal applications to process the files

Search Integration

  • Docket Search API is a RESTful API which allows programmatic searching across various fields in our dockets and returns results in JSON format
  • Clients can use their own app or script to query the API and results are returned with specific data fields

Find the solution that’s right for you

Our clients use Bloomberg Law’s advanced docket search as both a searching tool and a resource for aggregating data across multiple courts. The following use cases can help you decide whether the web platform or a data solution is the best fit for your organization.

Web Platform vs. Dockets Integration Data Solution

Bloomberg Law Web Platform

Dockets Integration Data Solution

Business Development

  • Setting alerts for short list of clients or prospects (less than 100)
  • Setting alerts for a single court, case type, or NOS
  • Downloading lists of results
  • Scaling up to alert on client and prospect lists of more than 100
  • Centralizing creation of and administration for all alerts for the firm
  • Processing JSON files and building API queries with custom scripts or programs


  • “Out of the box” analytics by company, firm, or judge for federal district court cases
  • Quick links to news, company profiles, dockets
  • Customized analytics (comparing internal or third-party data sets)
  • Custom dashboards
  • Dockets data stored in an internal database for analysis by other software

Individual Research

  • Searching filings/underlying text of pleadings
  • Tracking additional filings
  • Individual research use cases are best served by the web platform, not the API

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Bloomberg Dockets are trusted by litigation practitioners like you

One of our litigation associates recently told me Bloomberg Law Dockets is his 'secret weapon.' The search functionality in Bloomberg Law Dockets is second-to-none, thanks to the ability to search the text of the actual filings, and not only the text of the dockets. It cuts down significantly on the time it takes to perform sample motion/filing research, and has saved our firm's bacon on multiple occasions.
Amy Latalladi-Fulton
Groom Law
One of the most helpful things about Bloomberg Law, in terms of attracting new clients, is the docket alert feature. I can set up 50 different companies and monitor litigation activity that they’re involved in. So, if I’m alerted to a new lawsuit filed against a company that I represent or a company at which I may have an introduction, I can alert them to that filing within hours of it hitting the public network.
Jeremy Glenn
Cozen O’Connor
Docket searches and docket tracking on Bloomberg are its most valuable resources. I use the docket search tool to obtain bankruptcy dockets and pleadings off of those dockets. It also gives me the ability to search dockets for important pleadings and related pleadings. I am really impressed with the docket capabilities of the platform.
Senior Associate
Amlaw 100 Firm

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