Don’t Let the Clock Run Out on Statutes of Limitations

[With Bloomberg Law’s exclusive Statutes of Limitations tool, you’ll save time by surfacing only the correct statutes of limitation by state.]

Knowing the statute of limitations for any claim or cause of action is vital, but it can be hard to find, often buried in complex and lengthy code sections. Mindy Rattan, Bloomberg Law litigation team lead, discusses the importance of statutes of limitations and how Bloomberg Law can make your searches faster and simpler.

Every single case has a clock. Every single litigator needs to know what the clock is, and it's not always easy to find.
Analysis Team Lead, Bloomberg Law

“This is such an important tool. Here’s why it’s so critical. Every single case starts with a clock. You’ve got a clock of how much time you have to file before you win or lose, and if you go past the clock, then you’re sunk. Then you’re dealing with a malpractice claim. Every single case has a clock. Every single litigator needs to know what the clock is and it’s not easy to find. If you’re not familiar with the jurisdiction, it’s buried in code sections you never would’ve thought of. It’s not always clear what they’re called. This is really hard-to-find stuff, but everyone needs it.

“Let’s say you’re dealing with some sort of personal injury, and it’s not clear what the statute of limitations is. The way we’ve done the carefully curated searches, you’ll see how nuanced it is. Is it a slip and fall? Is it a medical malpractice claim? Does that have anything to do with maybe a particular medical condition? There are nuances that you need to pay attention to, and we’re helping associates learn what they don’t know. I searched for the statute of limitations for a particular cause of action in three jurisdictions. I found it in under a minute.”

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