Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions

Solve the most pressing challenges in your contract workflow with an easy-to-use, “out of the box” solution built specifically for in-house attorneys to more efficiently store, manage, draft, negotiate, and analyze contracts.

See it for yourself

Watch our product launch video to see how we simplify and streamline your contract workflows
with AI-powered drafting, editing, and negotiating tools built into Microsoft Word.

Draft efficiently

Seamless integration with Microsoft Word provides a fast and easy starting point for drafting and revising contracts. Access everything you need without leaving your document:

  • Find and open prior contracts from your library
  • Insert preferred language and favorited clauses
  • Leverage expert-drafted sample agreements and clauses, and millions of publicly filed documents

Negotiate effectively

Advanced semantic analysis tools accelerate your review of draft agreements and allow you to efficiently identify and incorporate preferred language to ensure favorable terms – all within MS Word.

  • Automatically compare clauses against your prior work and millions of publicly available agreements
  • Quickly identify and review all internally defined terms
  • Instantly scan agreements for drafting errors

Find instantly

Our secure, centralized repository allows you to safeguard, organize, and track your contracts, templates, clauses, key terms, and obligations in one place – to quickly find what you need.

  • Pinpoint exact language with advanced search and filtering options
  • Add new documents with our easy upload function
  • Protect your data with advanced security measures including multiple layers of encryption and multi-factor authentication

Operate confidently

AI-powered extraction of key contractual terms improves visibility into your final agreements, helping you identify and flag potential risks and obligations.

  • Save and track key terms
  • Compare obligations, dates, trigger language, and more across multiple agreements

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Take back your time and experience contract simplicity

Watch our product launch video to see how Contract Solutions simplifies and streamlines contract workflows for in-house legal teams.

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