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Due Diligence

Learn about the meaning of legal due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, as well as how to conduct due diligence as either an acquirer or target company.

Legal Operations: Functions and Benefits

Learn about the key legal operations resources, functions, and benefits that enable law firms and in-house legal departments to efficiently manage projects and achieve goals.

Biometric Data Privacy Laws and Lawsuits

Learn about the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), related lawsuits, other biometric privacy state laws, and the potential for national legislation.

What Is the VCDPA?

Learn about the key components of the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA), the state’s new comprehensive data privacy law.

How Social Change Translates into Policy and Operational Change

Get a quick glance of highlights from the panel discussions, keynote speakers, and topic insights.

Philanthropy Sector Holds Surprising Opportunities for GCs

Nishka Chandrasoma navigates evolving rules and compliance obligations facing the nonprofit arena.

In-House vs. Outside Counsel: Trends in Internal Investigations

Learn more about in-house counsel’s reliance on internal investigation teams and the value of internal compliance business partners to an organization.

Cooperation vs. Compliance in SEC Investigations

Learn the difference between cooperation vs. compliance in SEC investigations and find out how corporations receive cooperation credit in an investigation.

Eric Hartline Q&A

Find out what to do first if your organization is under government investigation from Eric Hartline, counsel at The Guardian Life Insurance Company.

Privacy, Compliance Pose Big Challenges for In-House Counsel

In her dual role as executive director of the Compliance and Governance Oversight Council and privacy lead for Hybrid Cloud, IBM, Heidi Maher has gained considerable insight into some of the critical issues that surround data use and the protection of personal information.
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