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Five Ways to Differentiate Your Firm With Legal Technology

Law firms of all sizes need better ways to retain and grow a client base, control costs, and get the right information at the right time.

NovaQuest Finds Time Savings and Peace of Mind With Customized Contract Storage and Management

Learn how Contract Solutions allows NovaQuest to optimize its contract workflows and storage.

How Medi-Share Improves Consistency and Efficiency in Contract Drafting With Contract Solutions

Learn how Medi-Share spends less time on tedious contract review and due diligence work with Bloomberg Law.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Understand the key data privacy principles and consumer rights in the GDPR, including compliance requirements for businesses that operate within the EU.

AI and Bloomberg Law

Discover the real impact of Bloomberg Law’s AI innovations on the way you practice law.

Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

Your guide to understanding Virginia’s data privacy law, including who it applies to, how it’s enforced, and how it compares to other state privacy laws.

How VetCor Streamlines a High Volume of Acquisitions

Learn how VetCor uses Contract Solutions to speed up contract workflows and free up time to focus on negotiations.

Write a Better Legal Brief in Less Time

No matter what type of brief you’re writing, the underlying goal is the same: to persuade the court. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed.

Indemnification Clauses in Contracts

Indemnifications, or hold harmless provisions, shift risks or potential costs from one party to another. View a sample indemnification clause and learn more about its use and enforceability.

Non-Compete Clauses in Employment and Commercial Contracts

Learn about the latest regulations on non-competes and their enforceability, and find sample clauses to use in employment or commercial contracts.
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