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Solving Common Pain Points for Litigation Associates

Do more in less time and deliver superior work. Here are the best ways to ensure accurate, complete legal research and avoid costly mistakes.

A Growing Industry Navigates Conflicting State and Federal Cannabis Laws

Answers to key questions on how businesses, industry associates, and lawyers can navigate the patchwork of state and federal cannabis laws.

Returning to Work and Vaccine Mandates

Understand what’s needed to ensure a safe return to work for your employees, and a safe and healthy environment for them once they get there.

Sample Covid-19 Vaccine-or-Test Policy

A sample policy for a soft mandate that gives employees the option of either being fully vaccinated or submitting to weekly testing for Covid-19.

China Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) FAQs

Find answers to common questions about China’s new data privacy law and learn how to stay compliant.

Covid-19 Vaccine Policy Religious Accommodation Form

Employees can submit this sample HR form to request a religious accommodation regarding your Covid-19 vaccine policy.

Key Data Security Checklist for Reviewing Vendor Contracts

Use this checklist to raise key data security questions while reviewing the terms of a proposed vendor contract.

Sample Covid-19 Vaccine Policy Medical Accommodation Form

Employees can submit this sample HR form to request a disability or medical condition accommodation regarding your Covid-19 vaccine policy.

Due Diligence

Learn about the meaning of legal due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, as well as how to conduct due diligence as either an acquirer or target company.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Learn about the details of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, from pre-filing considerations to plan confirmation, Subchapter V, how Chapter 11 compares to Chapter 7 bankruptcy and more.
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