General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Understand the key data privacy principles and consumer rights in the GDPR, including compliance requirements for businesses that operate within the EU.

AI and Bloomberg Law

Discover the real impact of Bloomberg Law’s AI innovations on the way you practice law.

Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA)

Your guide to understanding Virginia’s data privacy law, including who it applies to, how it’s enforced, and how it compares to other state privacy laws.

Returning to Work and Vaccine Mandates

Understand what’s needed to ensure a safe return to work for your employees, and a safe and healthy environment for them once they get there.

The VCDPA vs. CCPA: Comparing State Privacy Laws

Compare key elements and differences between the first-of-their-kind Virginia and California state consumer data privacy laws.

Checklist: Is Your Business Subject to the VCDPA?

The VCDPA creates rights and obligations related to the collection and processing of personal data of consumers in Virginia. Learn if the law applies to your business to stay in compliance.

What Is a CCPA Privacy Policy? Do You Need One?

The CCPA requires businesses that collect California consumer data to have a privacy policy notice. Understand the key requirements to stay compliant.

What Rights Do Consumers Have Under the CCPA?

California’s CCPA and CPRA created specific consumer data privacy rights. Learn more about each of these rights, and how companies need to comply.

Consumer Data Privacy: EU’s GDPR vs. China’s PIPL

Compare the key elements of the GDPR and PIPL, including data protections, the rights they give to individuals, compliance requirements, and enforcement.

How to Comply With the EU’s GDPR in 10 Steps

The GDPR introduced strict EU-wide consumer data privacy and security requirements. Follow these 10 steps to establish and maintain GDPR compliance.
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