Practical Guidance

Sample: 10-Step Checklist for an Effective Contract Management Process

Use this step-by-step sample checklist to establish and maintain a contract management process framework.

Indemnification Clauses in Contracts

Indemnifications, or hold harmless provisions, shift risks or potential costs from one party to another. View a sample indemnification clause and learn more about its use and enforceability.

Noncompete Clauses in Employment and Commercial Contracts

Learn about the latest regulations on non-competes and their enforceability, and find sample clauses to use in employment or commercial contracts.

Corporate Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach to Due Diligence

A comprehensive due diligence process is key to effective corporate compliance. Use these best practices to implement a risk-based due diligence approach to prevent violations or enforcement actions.

M&A Due Diligence Checklist

Use this sample request letter and initial legal due diligence document checklist to begin an M&A transaction with a seller or target company.

M&A Due Diligence Issues Reporting Template

Use this issues report template to highlight “red flag” legal issues identified during the due diligence process of an M&A transaction for your client.

Sample: Notification of a Force Majeure Event

A party affected by a force majeure event is typically obligated to provide prompt notice to a counterparty in significant detail.

Checklist: How to Manage Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Risks in Vendor Contracts

Use this checklist to ensure your organization and its vendors abide by privacy and cybersecurity compliance requirements and maintain the security of data.

Sample Clause: Responsible Supply Chain Representation

This sample clause may be adapted for use in a commercial manufacturing or supply agreement regarding the supply chain performance.

ESG Risk Management for Banking

Learn about the ESG and climate risks facing financial institutions and how to manage them.
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