Five Ways to Differentiate Your Firm With Legal Technology

Law firms of all sizes need better ways to retain and grow a client base, control costs, and get the right information at the right time.

Write a Better Legal Brief in Less Time

No matter what type of brief you’re writing, the underlying goal is the same: to persuade the court. Here are some suggestions to help you succeed.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements Explained

Learn about the scope, nuances, and limitations of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and download a confidentiality agreement template.

Artificial Intelligence for Lawyers Explained

Learn how the legal industry is incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology into daily practice.

New York Statutes of Limitations for Civil Cases

In New York state’s Civil Practice Law and Rules, Article 2. Limitations of Time addresses statutes of limitation.

Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) Amendments and Clarifications

Since the VCDPA was first signed into law in 2021, the state has issued several amendments aimed at clarifying how businesses will need to comply. Understand how these changes may impact VCDPA implementation.

How to Succeed as a Junior Associate

Learn how to make yourself stand out as a junior associate in an increasingly competitive environment.

How to File a Preliminary Injunction

This article defines preliminary injunction, details its elements and the hearing process, and includes a sample motion to download.

How to File a Motion for Summary Judgment

When bringing a summary judgment motion, a party is arguing that there can be no real dispute about a material fact, and the moving party is entitled to win the case as a matter of law.

Top Legal Challenges Facing General Counsel in 2023

Pandemic-related challenges and inflation have rolled into 2023; GCs must navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and prepare for emerging legal developments.
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