How to File a Preliminary Injunction

This article defines preliminary injunction, details its elements and the hearing process, and includes a sample motion to download.

How to File a Motion for Summary Judgment

When bringing a summary judgment motion, a party is arguing that there can be no real dispute about a material fact, and the moving party is entitled to win the case as a matter of law.

Top legal challenges facing general counsel in 2023

Pandemic-related challenges and inflation have rolled into 2023; GCs must navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and prepare for emerging legal developments.

Master the Legal Memo Format

Bloomberg Law can help you learn how to write and format a legal memo to apply legal issues and address all relevant points for your case.

Solving Common General Counsel Pain Points

General counsel face mounting pressure as both risk and workloads increase. Discover how Bloomberg Law empowers legal teams to insource more work and reduce reliance on outside counsel.

Cannabis and the Workplace

Learn how evolving state marijuana laws and contrasting federal laws can impact drug testing policies in the workplace.

Solving Common Pain Points for Litigation Partners

Bloomberg Law gives litigation partners comprehensive legal and business intelligence and time-saving tools to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Solving Common Pain Points for Litigation Associates

Do more in less time and deliver superior work. Here are the best ways to ensure accurate, complete legal research and avoid costly mistakes.

A Growing Industry Navigates Conflicting State and Federal Cannabis Laws

Answers to key questions on how businesses, industry associates, and lawyers can navigate the patchwork of state and federal cannabis laws.

Cryptocurrency Laws and Regulations by State

Explore laws and regulations related to cryptocurrency and virtual currency state-by-state.
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