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How to Succeed as a Junior Associate

Start your legal career off on the right foot with step-by-step Practical Guidance on core litigation skills like research, client interactions, time management, and networking.

How to File a Preliminary Injunction

This article defines preliminary injunction, details its elements and the hearing process, and includes a sample motion to download.

How to File a Motion for Summary Judgment

When bringing a summary judgment motion, a party is arguing that there can be no real dispute about a material fact, and the moving party is entitled to win the case as a matter of law.

Contributory Negligence and Apportionment of Fault

Review contributory negligence basics and start state-specific research on apportionment of fault and allocation of liability with Bloomberg Law.

A Guide to Compensatory Damages

Learn how to differentiate, prove, and calculate compensatory damages.

Checklist: Managing privacy and cybersecurity law risks in vendor contracts

Use this checklist to ensure your organization and its vendors abide by compliance requirements and maintain the security of data.

Sample clause: Responsible supply chain representation

This sample clause may be adapted for use in a commercial manufacturing or supply agreement regarding the supply chain performance.

Top legal challenges facing general counsel in 2023

Pandemic-related challenges and inflation have rolled into 2023; GCs must navigate the rapidly changing business landscape and prepare for emerging legal developments.

Customer ROI Survey: Cost savings and benefits enabled by Bloomberg Law

Discover how Bloomberg Law has helped in-house customers reduce spend and reliance on outside counsel, maximize workflow efficiencies, and spend more time on high-value work.

Contributory and comparative negligence by state

States have varied approaches in how they apportion fault in negligence cases, employing either contributory negligence or a pure or modified form of comparative negligence. This chart serves as a starting point for further investigation into these issues.
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