Litigation Associates:

How to do More in Less Time and Deliver Superior Work

June 9, 2022

The best way to ensure accurate, complete legal research and avoid costly mistakes

Litigation associates play a vital role on a law firm’s litigation team by researching complex legal issues, drafting court filings, tracking the progress of cases, and managing client communications. With so much of their time spent on legal research, they need a comprehensive resource to help them quickly find everything they need to practice efficiently.

Bloomberg Law’s all-inclusive platform is a one-stop resource to meet all your practice needs. It includes best-in-class dockets, comprehensive primary and secondary sources, news and analysis, step-by-step Practical Guidance, and AI-powered tools that are expanding the scope and changing the cadence of legal research.

Learn how we’re helping litigation associates like you tackle their greatest challenges and score game-changing outcomes for their firm and clients.

Daniel associate photo


Litigation Associate
Large multinational law firm
3 years’ experience

Role: Daniel focuses on supporting his firm’s general and commercial litigation practices. With some supervision, he has case management responsibilities that include research; drafting various court filings, including complaints, answers, and motions/briefs; and tracking the progress of cases. He plays a support role for the litigation partners that may include researching complex legal issues. His overall goal is to meet or exceed his billable hours quota, to deliver superior work product, and to satisfy—if not impress—the firm’s partners and clients.

Solving challenges for litigation associates

As a litigation associate, your primary role is to support your law firm’s litigation practice. In addition to your legal research and client management responsibilities, you must also meet (or exceed) a billable hours quota, satisfy the expectations of your firm’s partners and clients, and deliver a superior work product on time.

In a deadline-driven practice, you face mounting pressure to do more in less time and with minimal supervision, Bloomberg Law can help. You’ll never have to go out-of-plan to find what you need. Our comprehensive coverage provides you with everything required to satisfy your clients and managing partner and win your case.

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Challenge: Wasting time and money when switching between platforms and hitting paywalls

Whether you’re tracking new legislation, researching case laws and dockets, or gathering legal documents for review, you need accurate, up-to-date information to understand and advance your case strategy.

You can’t afford the time lost when you divide your research between platforms.

This inefficiency translates to reduced productivity, lost billable hours, and out-of-plan charges for the resources you need.

Solution: Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive platform

Bloomberg Law is an all-inclusive solution that delivers comprehensive coverage, single sign-on, and complete access with no out-of-plan charges. Seamless integration allows you to navigate effortlessly to related content, transition easily from research to execution, find up-to-the-minute information, and to dive deeper into matters of critical importance.

“Bloomberg Law is a great resource that I can always rely on when faced with a new issue or need to revisit a complicated set of rules and authorities.”
Kalina Hannsz

Challenge: Constant need for timely, accurate case information

Information is only as good as it is current, accurate, and complete. Anything less can mean lost time and productivity, unhappy clients and supervisors, and lost career opportunities.
You need the latest information from a reliable source to ensure delivery of exceptional work products.

Solution: Time-saving AI-powered tools for tracking case law developments and dockets

Rely on Bloomberg Law for the latest case information. Set alerts to have case law developments and docket filings delivered to your inbox. Use our trackers to be notified of the latest legislative, regulatory, and case law developments affecting practice areas of interest to you.

[How to Write Legal Briefs – Learn how to shorten the legal research cycle and give your brief a competitive advantage.]

Time-saving AI-powered tools, updated continuously, help you find the case you need with our award-winning Points of Law; develop competitive intelligence with Litigation Analytics; or save steps in traditional brief analysis with Brief Analyzer.

Bloomberg Law News provides comprehensive coverage of the legal and business landscape customized to meet your needs. Up-to-the-minute alerts keep you apprised of the issues that matter most. You’ll also have access to ALM Media News brands, including current and archived coverage, as well as domestic and international coverage from the Bloomberg Terminal – 75,000 sources in all.

“Brief Analyzer is the final step I conduct before filing any briefs with the court. After reading and reviewing a brief over and over, it can be easy to miss simple typos or citation errors. Brief Analyzer gives me peace of mind that my citations are correct.”
Am Law 100

Challenge: Not knowing where to start on a new matter

As a litigation associate, you practice in a sink or swim environment where mistakes can cost your client (and your firm) dearly. Lost career opportunities are only one misstep away. Without support and supervision, it’s difficult to know if legal research is accurate and complete.

To ensure exceptional work and client satisfaction, litigation associates need substantive and procedural guidance from knowledgeable experts in the field.

Solution: Step-by-step guides, samples, checklists, and more

Practical Guidance from Bloomberg Law combines step-by-step procedural guidance with expert analysis to provide litigation associates with an all-in-one resource.

Rely on overviews, checklists, and practice and filing forms to guide you through the legal and logistical issues related to the initial stages of litigation with substantive causes of action and defenses covering contracts and torts. For newer associates, our Core Litigation Skills Toolkit covers fundamentals such as research, writing, and document review, while our Lawyer Development Toolkit focuses on the development of skills essential to long-term success, such as time and project management.

You’ll also find litigation Practice Guidance coverage for bankruptcy, benefits, labor & employment, patents, and additional practice areas.

“For younger associates in particular who haven't had exposure to Practical Guidance, it gives them a level of comfort when they're doing their work that they can now start drafting, come back to their partner, and not be afraid that they are going to be called out for relying on something that wasn't reliable.”
Edward Brandwein
Head Librarian
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler

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