Harness the power of AI-driven legal research and tools

Leverage tools built with the latest AI technology and transform how you practice law.

For over a decade, Bloomberg Law has been perfecting the power of AI to help lawyers speed up and simplify legal tasks. With recent artificial intelligence and machine learning breakthroughs, even more is possible.

Innovations that keep you ahead

Your job is creating a winning legal strategy; ours is giving you the tools to do it. That’s always meant pushing the limits of automation, and this is just the next major step in the same direction.

Get the right case law in seconds

Easily find the leading case law, guiding legal principles, and best language to support your argument.

Cut down research time even more

Analyze a legal brief in seconds, check citations, and find suggestions to improve your draft or response.

Be better prepared for litigation

Cut through millions of data points to mine competitive intelligence and develop an informed strategy for your clients.

Answering your toughest litigation questions—fast

With the unmatchable speed of AI layered into the world’s top legal intelligence platform, litigators can prepare better and faster than ever before.

What are the leading cases interpreting this code section?

Meet Smart Code. Using machine learning (ML), Smart Code quickly pulls case extracts interpreting a federal or state code section. It also ranks each case discussion as strong, moderate, or weak, so you waste no time on results that don’t help you.

What’s the legal standard for my issue? How have courts actually applied the standard?

Our case law research tool, Points of Law, uses AI to pinpoint the best case for a particular point of law so you can quickly find precedents that strengthen your case.

*Winner of AALL’s 2018 New Product Award

Does my brief contain the most up-to-date sources? Has my opponent’s brief omitted unfavorable authority?

Eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional brief analysis. Our Brief Analyzer uses machine learning capabilities to automate the tedious process of reviewing legal documents, checking citations, searching case law, finding additional suggested relevant content, and more.

* Winner of Dewey B. Strategic’s 2020 Best New Workflow Product

Who represents whom? How does this judge typically rule?

Litigation Analytics is the smartest way to improve your litigation strategy. You can visualize trends, predict case outcomes, advise clients, and easily search millions of data points by company, law firm, attorney, court, and judge.

What arguments have been successful in front of this judge, on this issue? How are these types of cases resolved?

Bloomberg Law’s Docket Key uses AI models to identify up to 20 key document types across all federal district court dockets so you can search for a precise filing type. You can also use our Docket Resolution system to quickly find the final outcome for closed federal district court dockets.

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Streamlining your most tedious contract tasks

Getting every contract detail right is critical, but you don’t have to be the one crossing T’s and dotting I’s.

Does my agreement deviate from the market standard? What language does my counterparty usually agree to?

Our Draft Analyzer uses several ML models to simplify contract drafting and save time by automatically benchmarking your agreement language against the market standard.

How can I save time and reduce risk when drafting, negotiating, and managing contracts?

Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions is an AI-powered contract management platform purpose-built for in-house legal teams to store, manage, draft, negotiate, and analyze contracts more efficiently. Seamless integration with MS Word brings the full value of our platform directly to your document, providing easy access to all your contracts and clauses as well as a powerful suite of drafting and negotiating tools.

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The intelligent approach to legal AI

The nuances and challenges of AI are not new to us. We’ve built Bloomberg Law with the most cutting-edge AI technology for over a decade. We do understand, however, that recent advancements in AI and machine learning require an extraordinary level of discernment and testing.

That’s why we recently created the Bloomberg Law Innovation Studio—a testing environment that offers access to the latest AI-powered tools that are currently under development for the Bloomberg Law platform.

Take the next step in legal intelligence

Bloomberg Law is the all-in-one legal research platform that’s remarkably simple
to use and gives you the info you need to win. And with the addition of Bloomberg Law Contract Solutions, you can now draft, negotiate, and analyze contracts faster than ever before.

Join us to build the next generation of legal technology together.