Bloomberg Law 2020

Moving Forward and Looking Ahead

A look at the state of the legal landscape across key areas.

We revisit our Bloomberg Law 2020 series to set the stage for what’s to come. Law firms and in-house practitioners alike can access expert analysis, empowered by the latest data and technology, to effectively navigate change. Equipped with knowledge and prepared by strategy, our updates will provide you stable footing in an unstable environment.

Business & Industry

An evaluation of the state of the economy and the impact across business & industry as it relates to key topics – from corporate governance and litigation to privacy and regulation.

Forward-Looking Expertise

Whether your practice focuses on a specific issue or spans a spectrum of practice areas, quickly get the information you need to spot the trends shaping the industry tomorrow – today.

Global Impact

Exploring the impact of the economic downturn as its effects are felt around the globe with a focus on climate change and issues ranging from human capital to privacy rights.

Legal Markets

A comprehensive look at the issues that impact the broader legal market – litigation finance, legal operations, law firm structure, and strategy.


Developments across the transactional landscape and the topics impacted most by the state of the economy including commercial contracts, private equity, M&A, and foreign investment

Other Areas of Focus

Insights on Privacy & Data Security, Transactions, Future of Law, and ESG & Climate.

Authoritative Analysis

From live events to in-depth reports, discover singular thought leadership. Our expert network of analysts are always on the case. So you can make yours.

Related Resources

Explore exclusive expertise so you can effectively navigate the changing legal landscape.

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