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Susan Swihart

Susan Swihart is the Assistant Team Lead on the Data, Legal Analytics & Business team.

Mary Shields

Mary Shields is a senior content specialist on the Data, Legal Analytics & Business and ABA/BLAW Manual on Professional Conduct teams, focusing on legal ethics.

Bridget Roddy

Bridget Roddy is a Content Specialist participating in Bloomberg Law’s fellowship rotation program.

Abena Opong-Fosu

Abena Opong-Fosu is a Legal Analyst in Bloomberg Law’s fellowship program.

Denaya Holland

Denaya Holland is a Legal Content Specialist on the Litigation Team with a focus on labor and employment matters.

Stephanie Pacheco

Stephanie Pacheco is a Legal Analyst on the Data, Legal Analytics & Business Team, focusing on legal technology and legal operations.

Abigail Gampher

Abigail Gampher is a Legal Analyst on the Corporate Analysis Team, focusing on compliance and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. Abigail is licensed in the District of Columbia. During law school, she served as Editor-in-Chief to her law review and worked at D.C. Superior Court, in crime victim legal services, and international election law.…